75th Republic day Celebrations 2024


77th independence day celebrations

Independence Day in kvdc has been celebrating annually on 15th August, and these celebrations are conducted in the year of 2023.

This Celebrations are organized by TPO Mr. Balu Garu, and participated our honourable Director Mr.K.Nasarayya Garu, honourable principle Mr. Natani. Venkateswarlu Garu, Vice principle Mr. M. R. K Satish Babu Garu, Joint Secretary Ms.T.Surekha Garu, And all departments of respectable Hod’s, staff and Studnets.

The shape of the India Map can be described as a triangular peninsula, with the southern part extending into the Indian Ocean.

The “kvdc” designed map shows art of Indians, India got its name from the river Sindh. India got its name from the red Indian tribe. India was the name given by Christopher Columbus.

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