College Vision


Krishnaveni Degree  college is truly guided by its vision statement i.e., “Empower the students through quality education by providing a conducive learning environment and making a transformational impact on student’s lives and society”. The framework behind this vision was guided by the ideologies of Krishnaveni Educational Scociety. A collaborative method was used in the development of the vision to ensure that all stakeholders were represented. A Strong academic community was built, to dedicate their knowledge for students to build strong foundation in professional education and integration of moral values in their personal lives, to lead better social life.  To ensure that the college’s vision remains relevant and makes sense in the present environment, regular evaluations of the college are conducted. By firmly believing in the power of education to liberate people from poverty and illiteracy, the college built its plans. The vision statement articulates on following important areas on which the college stands.


  • To establish Krishnaveni Degree College as a center of excellence in UG & PG To promote education amongst the rural areas of the society
  • To develop Human Resources that are based on values.
  • To develop Human Resources so that they can make a positive contribution to society.
  • College’s Vision statement is visible on the college website, prospectus, magazine, and academic calendar.
  • In accordance with the College’s vision, the college authorities continuously consider policies and programs.
  • An image of the overall vision statement is shown prominently around campus.



College Mission

M1: Imbibe required skills, knowledge, and attitude to the students to enable them to succeed in life


M2: Provide quality and affordable education to all segments of the society.


M3: Create a conducive learning environment, which is enjoyable and rewarding.


M4: Contribute to solving local and global societal problems by inculcating  moral, spiritual, and social values among students..


M5: Our Mission is to provide high quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning.

Seven Steps to Quality
DVV Clarifications 2022-23
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Road Map for Next 10 years
Peer Team Reports – Cycle I
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