The Department of Computer Science was started in the year 2005 with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. The Department has modern facilities for teaching and learning. The computer science teaching was confined to a three-year course for B.Sc. degree with various combinations such as MPCs, MSCs, MECs, MCCs , MBCCs and B.Com(Computer Applications) and the teaching up to the two-year course for M.Sc(Computers). The computer science department currently has 14 faculty members and approximately 1400 graduate and 60 post graduate students.

The computer science faculty motivates and guides students for getting good jobs in IT industry & Government Sector. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the Department has produced quality professionals holding important positions in the IT industry in India and abroad.


  • To empower the graduates to be technologically adept, innovative, self-motivated and responsible citizens.
  • Possessing human values and contribute significantly towards being a center of excellence in providing globally standard education, through a conducive Teaching and Research environment, that responds swiftly to the challenges of the ever changing world..


  • The objective of the Department of Computer Science is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in computer science so as to prepare our graduates to compete in the job market and to contribute to the economic, scientific, and social development of the Middle Tennessee area, the State of Tennessee, and the Nation.
  • The Department will promote excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, creative endeavors, and public service. 
  • The curriculum will be grounded in the fundamental principles of computing and will prepare our students to apply these principles creatively and responsibly with a high degree of professionalism and a clear understanding of ethical and legal issues in computer science.
  • The Department will utilize available resources to impart state-of-the-art technical knowledge, develop students’ verbal and written communication skills, and instill a desire to pursue lifelong learning.

B.Sc. (MPCs)

B.Sc. (MSCs)

B.Sc. (MECs)

B.Sc. (MCCs)

B.Sc. (MBCCs)

B.Com. (CA)

M.Sc. (Computer Science)

Add on Courses

Value Added Courses

T. Surekha

Head of Departmeant

Y. Srikanth


S. Ravi Teja


S. Lakshminarayana


M. Thirupathi Rao


Ch. Naganjaneyulu


K. Apsara


V. Karun Kumar


J. Syambabu


B. Rama Rao


N. Narendra


J. Lakshmi

Lab Programmer

Appala raju

Lab Attender

P. Basha

Lab Attender

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