Program_CodeProgram_NameIntakeDuration of the Program
UNDER GRADUATION (Honors with Minor) 2023-2024 onwards
UG23-301No_ImgB.Sc. (Computer Science with Physics)1003 or 4 Years
UG23-302No_ImgB.Sc. (Computer Science with Statistics)1003 or 4 Years
UG23-303No_ImgB.Sc. (Computer Science with Chemistry)753 or 4 Years
UG23-304No_ImgB.Sc. (Artificial Intelligence with Mathematics)253 or 4 Years
UG23-305No_ImgB.Sc. (Data Science with Mathematics)253 or 4 Years
UG23-306No_ImgB.Sc. (Mathematics with Computer Science)253 or 4 Years
UG23-307No_ImgB.Sc. (Physics with Computer Science)253 or 4 Years
UG23-308No_ImgB.Sc. (Chemistry with Computer Science)253 or 4 Years
UG23-309No_ImgB.Sc. (Botany with Chemistry)253 or 4 Years
UG23-310No_ImgB.Sc. (Zoology with Chemistry)253 or 4 Years
UG23-311No_ImgB.Sc. (Home Science with Computer Science)503 or 4 Years
UG23-701No_ImgB.COM (Computer Applications with Marketing)1503 or 4 Years
UG23-702No_ImgB C A (Computer Applications with Statistics)503 or 4 Years
UG23-703No_Img B B A (Business Administration with Computer Science)303 or 4 Years
UG05-301B.Sc.(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) 3 Years
UG05-302B.Sc.(Botany, Zoology, Chemistry) 3 Years
UG06-303B.Sc.(Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science) 3 Years
UG06-304B.Sc.(Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science) 3 Years
UG08-305B.Sc.(Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science) 3 Years
UG15-306B.Sc.(Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science) 3 Years
UG15-307B.Sc.(Microbiology, Chemistry, Computer Science) 3 Years
UG07-701B.Com.(Computer Applications) 3 Years
PG10-01M.Sc(Organic Chemistry)302 Years
PG15-02M.Sc(Computer Science)302 Years
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