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Choosing the right course and pathway can be overwhelming and stressful. Should you listen to your parents and pursue a course, even though you know that your heart is in some other one? Should you go straight to a particular course, even though you didn’t take that specialization, and feel that you aren’t all that good with a few subjects? Here are 5 simple steps to help you choose the right degree course as an answer to how do I choose the right course:

Soaking up in the decision:

Many university degrees prepare you for a range of career paths, and it is not uncommon to find engineers working in banks for example. As you gain work experience, skills, and knowledge, you will likely find yourself changing careers several times throughout your lifetime, and switching industries too. So, while this is a big decision, there will be opportunities for you to switch to a non-related field if you choose to, as long as you show determination, passion and adaptability.

Exploring…a lot!

Go through all the university degrees and possible career paths and shortlist those that match your passions, strengths and values. Avoid choosing something because it’s what your friends are doing. This is quite possibly the worst mistake you can make, so don’t just follow the herd!

Relevancy on importance:

Understanding your values and what’s important to you can help you in the challenge of how to choose the right degree course that fits you. These values can help you make better decisions about what you should choose to do, especially in times of doubt. Make sure the values fit with your lifestyle and the vision that you have for your future self.

Going with strengths:

What subjects are you good at in school?

What kinds of tasks and activities make you feel most energized?

What do close friends and acquaintances constantly praise you for?

These questions are really crucial in deciding though.

Ask your close friends, parents, and teachers for their opinions too.

Thinking, but not overthinking:

Whether it’s something creative, academic, or sporty, list down everything that you enjoy doing during your free time. Think out of the box!

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